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The project is looking at future of the landscape of trees and woodlands, within the Kington Town and in the surrounding area.
The project will engage our town’s residents towards improving our urban and rural treescape.
It should aim to offer people living in Kington, genuine opportunities to develop new skills,
which might lead to new employment and stimulate sustainable, local economic activity in the future.

Townscape Tree Projects
Tree planting could be offered in neighbourhoods and residential areas, within the town built-up area.
Opportunities and resources should be offered to groups of local residents, school groups and community groups
who if interested, can choose to identify where trees could be planted to enhance their immediate neighbourhood.
New and historic sites should be identified, which might include private, roadside areas which could enhance the street treescape .

Phase 1 is to be a 5 year project to establish and improve the treescape around Kington.
This will involve the writing of a formal tree strategy, which will be incorporated into the Kington Town Community Led Plan ,
and to establish the community tree project which will be responsible for establishing , surveying and maintaining trees
(e.g. orchards, roadside trees) around the town.